2nd Annual Wine & Cheese Party

I'm currently experiencing cheese comatose. I'm not complaining. Last night we had quite the time with our friends for our 2nd Annual Wine and Cheese Party. The first year was a success so we had to continue with the spring tradition.

If you like wine and cheese, this party is worth having. I started thinking about it again here. Every couple brought a bottle of red wine and a cheese, some brought two. We put all the wine bottles in brown bags and had a taste test throughout the evening. We rated the wines and guessed each type of wine based on a description. We're no pros. 

Number four was the highest scored wine. Yes, we brought back the winner from last year. All the way from Costco, BV Napa Valley 2008, Cabernet Sauvignon.

We had a bordeaux, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, two zinfandels, and a mystery one. 

Congrats to Mark for getting 5 out of 6 right. Promise it wasn't rigged. 

The boys were boys and the girls were girls.

All party goers know a party is not a party until there is trivia. Cheese trivia to say the least.

This web of friends is pretty awesome. Blessing...check!

Thanks to Linsey, the next group party is already in the works. Cinco de Mayoooooo! 

Check back later in the week for the five new party recipes that I tried.


Nursery Mobile and Some Cool People

If you read an earlier post this week you may have seen last weekend's baby shower. There was one present that was very cool, everyones eyes exploded. Meet this girl, Stacie. She's one of the girls who has the instant cool factor. Have you met one of those?

Stacie, using her origami skills and creative background made this for the momma-to-be. 

Check out my friend Lena's gender neutral nursery here.


Mirrors, Gotta Love Them!

My two favorite things to decorate with are mirrors and trays. In our 730 square feet (yes I just said seven hundred thirty), we have five mirrors. We're not vain I just like the way they open up a space and provide a visual extension in tight quarters. 

Mirrors go everywhere. I use them as art. I haven't yet invested in any artwork. It's my goal someday. For now, mirrors do the trick. Here are some great ways to use mirrors around the house.

A mirror tucked into a closet turned office brings light in further. (I used to have one in my closet with a little self for makeup while growing up.)

A few mirrors and an IKEA Lack shelf in an entry way provide an instant focal point!

Thinking outside the box. Three floor length mirrors, horizontal position. Way cool!

Mantel, one of the best places to put a mirror in my opinion. This space seem automatically bigger.

A decorative mirror in the corner, above a nightstand, shouts pretty.

An assortment of mirrors make a focal point in the corner of the room.

A little more permanent but a little more stunning!

I'm obsessed with mirrors and these photos capture it truly. 
What's your favorite way to use them?


March Recently Acquired Goodness

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for March's Madness online goodness. If you've missed out on January or February, you may want to check this post and this post out.

This month hasn't officially blown my mind in goodness due in part to me admiring 80 degree March weather. Here's a little taste...

I got the major itch to garden. Weird, I know. Seeing this chart made it even harder.

Home Decorators...Wow, I've been out of the loop. If you are looking for anything to decorate your home and you care about the price tag, get a catalog request here.

Pinterest....are you a fan? You may want to read this.

Want to change up your frames. See this tutorial from A Thoughtful Place blog.

I recently celebrated with my friend Lena at her baby shower. The hostess' were fab! You can check out this blog post of pictures from the party. It was well done and so fun!

 And to sum up my favorite parts of March...

-My interactive whiteboard that I wrote a grant for was installed. My classroom is revolutionized.
-Lots of time with friends, lots!
-Officially started training for the Indianapolis Half Marathon. Somehow The Mr. convinced me again this year.


Looking Ahead: Party Time II

It's officially time to plan our Annual Cheese & Wine Tasting Party! I'm excited.

Parties are what I love. People are what I love.

Last year, The Mr. and I had a blast hosting a wine and cheese party. We went overboard on cheese but it was well worth it (cheese for months!). I think we had over eight kinds of cheese along with prosciutto, crackers, bread, and all that other good carb stuff. Each couple brought a bottle of red wine. Throughout the evening friends poured at their own desire. A card was used to rate the wine and each person voted for their favorite. I forgot to mention it was a blind taste test. Bottles covered.

Here's some eye candy that I'm using as inspiration as I plan for round two.

No plans of eating and drinking on the bed. Think color and emotion.

Why not...

Clearly labeled cheese. Maybe with descriptions this time.

Every fun party has some fabric streamers...

Our party will look a lot like last year. 

Can't wait to be blindfolded! 


Have you heard about...


One of my friends, Ashling, just showed me this awesome website for baby and wedding registries. Feel confined to registering only at one or two stores? This website allows you to choose from as many stores as you want, including Etsy. Very cool! I have yet to try it out but at this point I think it's AWESOME! (I am familiar with Amazon Wish List but it's a little more limiting.)

After last weeks post on Meal Train and today's post on myregistry.com, I might have to have a series of these awesome websites my friends tell me about. Anyone else have awesome resources?!


A Gift for a Little Boy

My stinkin' cute nephew, Aiden, loves Legos. What boy doesn't! I can remember my brother's tub of Legos that were scattered amongst the living room floor from wee hours in the morning til late at night. My brother was an addict, and now his son is following in his steps. For Christmas I wanted to make something special for him. A Lego table came to mind. 

My brother with Aiden. It makes me sad that I don't have an updated picture of him.

Pre-made wooden Lego tables sell for over one hundred dollars but you and I both know that was not going to happen. Being resourceful, I bought a small side table from Target for about $15. Fortunately, we have a Lego store at our local mall. (It's quite awesome if you are male and between the ages of 3-12.) I picked up a Lego plate for the base of my table. I also picked up some heavy duty adhesive spray (that I used here) to glue the plate onto the table. In about 5 minutes I had a functional gift. Score! Yes, I think he's liking it.

In addition, painted yellow lines could be added to the edge for a road or added pockets to the side of the table for storage, or a basket underneath for all the Lego pieces.

I saw this on Pinterest via Pink and Green Mama Blog that I thought would be a good addition for an older boy. For printing, visit Lego site.