Bringing It Back

I absolutely hate getting ready in the morning. 

Drying my hair, straightening it...puke! There are a million things that run through my head, one being,  just chopping my hair off. Sometimes I imagine my dream closet in which I walk through the door opening and it automatically dries my hair in seconds. Wouldn't that be perfect!

Instead of complaining to myself for 20 minutes every morning (boy that gets old), I decided to bring back my prayer sticks. Way back when (high school), I used them often to get my mind off of me. I've written friends, family, and special circumstances on the Popsicle sticks. I choose one each morning and spend time praying while I get ready. Let's just say it's changed my bummed-I'm-up-this-early-and-have-to-go-to-work attitude.


Recently Acquired Goodness

It's Monday, January 16 and I have no school. Yes! Thought I'd share some of my favorite blog/internet stuff as of late.

  • One of my favorite bloggers, Anne-Marie at 10 Rooms posted this beyond amazing post of knowing the difference between gray, greige, beige, and taupe. If you're picking out paint colors anytime soon you gotta read this!

(I can't imagine how long this post took to write!)

  • I found this over break. If you're a techy or use Google Reader often, this is a must see.

  • We found out during the holidays that everyone likes this....

Brie cheese with cranberries, pecans, brown sugar, and puff pastry. Yum!
See all the steps to create it here.

  • I recently threw this together to maximize space. It's not perfect (sliding rings) but it works for now.

  • Want to blow your mind? Try this! Martha Stewart, you are good! It's revolutionary for perfect kiwi cutting!

  • And to sum up our place...

Well, that's all for today! I hope something grabbed your attention. This just might be a start to a monthly series. Have you found anything interesting to share? Please do!


A Shoe Box DIY

 A shoe box. What is is good for? Your second grade kid's habitat project? Yes. 

This was about as far as I got the other night after purchasing some much anticipated boots I've been trying to find on sale.

In about .2 seconds I had a wild idea. (Just like most times.) I was so sick of my jewelry storage, wadded up necklaces got to be rather annoying. I had seen a few of these images on pinterest for jewelry storage. For some reason that night, they popped into my head.(Pinterest=inspiration  24/7) Grabbing my boot box lid, burlap from a previous table cloth, and some heavy duty spray adhesive, I got to work. 

No planning involved. Just doing. I sprayed the lid and covered it with burlap. Next, I sprayed the edges and the insides. 

The spray adhesive was magic...seriously! The glue is not cheap. I felt like I was handing over my wallet when I purchased it for my nephew's Lego table (speaking of, I need to post that sweet little project). But the 9+ dollars was totally worth it. Plus, knowing I do projects every other day and at every other hour of the day, having it around is smart.

I put some clear thumbtacks in the cardboard, hammered some nails, and I was done. It's not a focal point but it's perfect for me to grab quietly in the morning as The. Mr. sleeps away. It's not too bad for being FREE!

What else can you do with a shoe box?


Getting Busy At the In-laws

I love resting but after 6 days I'm ready to DO. That's a strong verb when you're talking about me. While at the in-laws, I was offered a small dresser that they were going to throw out. Of course, my sweet mother in law knows me oh so well and asked if I would want to repurpse it.You betcha!

I was most excited because I had been anticipating nigthstands for for-ev-er. I was too cheap to buy anything and instead spray painted tv trays. Real cool, real cool. Talk about a cheap-o! Within a few short hours I had sanded, primed, and painted a small nightstand. The hardware is classic and elegant. The perfect combo. The Mr. had quite a time trying to find the right screws for the pulls. After a couple trips to Home Deport and a couple templates for the holes, he was successful.

Here's the before. Mouse poop and all.

Here's what it looks like in our bedroom turned closet dump.

I consider it a success! Within minutes the drawers were full. My only wish is for another one.


Getting the Goods

I'm still slowwwly rolling-in on the holiday stuff. Please forgive me.

I am assuming you are enjoying the goods you received from your loved ones. I've got some good gift givers not just in one family but two! (Reason #78 why marriage is way cool.) To no one's surprise, my list had quite a few home decor items. Take a lookie...

Some serious books! I've made my way through 3 of them already. All highly recommended.

Modern tray. Wish I had a more visible spot to show it off. It's working under the coffee table.

Cozy throw. Pottery Barn, you are good to me and so are you, Mother-In-Law!

My mom bought me my very own cutting mat for my upcoming sewing adventures. I think she missed hers too much.

And the shocker of them all.... 

My parents did a little surprise searching/antiquing to find this...

This is quite the cool coffee table but it will have to wait for awhile. There's no room in the inn.

Oh yeah, because The Mr. is oh-so-trendy he got these...
Double insulted espresso shot glasses. Wow, what a difference they make! Totally worth every penny!

And as a small stocking stuffer, for his A.D.D. tendencies...

We're packed tight in here but boy is it cozy! Tables turned. What was your favorite gift this year?


Holidays Here and Gone

We're in a stage in life where we do a lot more traveling come holiday season than being at home. This year was no different. We were home for two weekends from Thanksgiving to New Years. We opted out for a Christmas tree for the 2nd year in a row. Boo-hoo. Instead, I added a few touches around the apartment to make the Monday through Thursday somewhat spirited. 

My mom graciously bought me this festive angel made from recycled paper. Grabbing a few things stuffed away in the Christmas boxes, I added them to the mix. 

Sorry for the creepy shadows. I couldn't get a good picture for the life of me!

While home for Thanksgiving, my mom and I, which was more like me watching my mom, made stockings out of felt. Inspiration came from these...

Here's our very own.

You can check out the stocking tutorial here. We skipped the step about cutting out the letters.

Christmas music. Time with family. Hot drinks at night. It truly was a good one!