Gotta Get: Antique Butter Pat

A Gotta Get
There are some objects that I am a total believer in. When it comes to the house, I can’t help but share. Check out today’s “Gotta Get”.

“Gotta Get” Stats:


What: Antique Butter Pat

Location: Antique stores, Etsy, Ebay

Price: $4-$10

Size: Small and dainty

Purpose: Used as a little plate to hold your butter.  

But not so much anymore!  These are ideal for holding your most worn earrings, coffee stir spoon, sea salt for cooking, or any little trinket needing a beautiful home. Here are some photos of how my aunt uses them. Beautiful!

Holding her earrings, and necklace.

Special shells and rocks from recent trips.

Love her display.

Butter pat close up.

Most of her fun collection.

Here's a little history I came across via this website.
"Once created by the leading porcelain houses all over the world, these diminutive plates have been seen on the tables of royalty and presidents, as well as in the homes of fine china lovers everywhere. Rarely manufactured for popular use, they are now considered antique, exquisite each in its own style and a joy to contemplate."

When antiquing, it's fun to have something to catch your eye. Sometimes you have to ask about butter pats but they're so fun and quite beautiful. Maybe one day it sat at a table of royalty!


A Space for Blogs

One of the things I love about Home Awaits is that it has opened the door to the blog world for some of you. I appreciate many of my readers who aren't necessarily invested in reading blogs daily. I hope I've introduced you to something you'll enjoy. 

There is a blog for almost anything. No matter your interests. Luckily for me, I discovered my own blog niche after reading them for three months. As I was discussing with some friends, they wanted to know how to receive blog post updates in one place. If you write a blog, you can quit reading now. If you want a space to host the blogs you read, hang around for a sec!

1. First off, check out this 2 minute video about Google Reader.

2. Next, go sign-in or make an account. See here.

3. Then, add blog subscriptions (automatic post updates). Show some love by starting with http://homeawaitsus.blogspot.com/You will then see updates when posted. Viola!

4. Make a tab or bookmark for Google Reader for easy access.

Here are some of my favorite blogs to get you started...

Mom's Who do Interior Design:
10 Rooms
Emily A. Clark
6th Street Design School
Centsational Girl
Little Green Notebook

DIY/Home Remodel:
Young House Love
Natty By Design
House Tweaking

Syle Blog:
The Daybook

Pioneer Woman

Party Inspiration:
Kojo Designs
The Sweetest Occasion
A Subtle Revelry

My friend's blogs:
Life of the Liles
Natty Nook
Purple Pond
Read July

Happy Reading! 
Would love to hear feedback on how/if this works for you!


Home Buying Update

Well it's Tuesday... might as well share my ramblings with you....

The Mr. and I are signing another 10 month lease at Lantern Woods. Yup! But this time, there is no pity party. Things are looking good! We are chopping away at our 5 digit college debt and it feels good! We have to hit it hard the next ten months but I think we'll be able to scream WE'RE DEBT FREE!!! come June. (Talk about accountability!) We're still sticking to our home buying goals. We The Mr. spends a lot of time looking online while we are in the process of contacting a real estate agent. Who knows when we'll start actually looking at homes, time does go fast. Most importantly, we're both quite excited for the upcoming process!

On a side note, I'm out of commission next week (don't know what that means for a teacher who sits on her bum all day reading and creating) due to the removal of my wisdom teeth. Ugh! Dreading it already. With that being said, email me questions if you want some help with...

  • decorating ideas
  • decorating dilemmas
  • party inspiration
  • product search
  • anything fun and exciting

You know I'm a research girl and would love to find a way to help! Email me at homeawaitsus@gmail.com.

P.S. That is not my house nor will it ever be. :) Good eye candy for ya though!


Declutter Your Kitchen

Remember, I recently got back from visiting friends and family in Minneapolis. I was quite impressed by my aunt's project of taking sheets and turning them into curtains. I also came across this idea in her house. Instead of cluttering your fridge door with all the "go-to info" and pictures, consider using one of your cabinets to store all this information.

Schedules, calendars, pictures, phone numbers, and reminders are hidden behind these doors.
Our fridge IS covered with our best friends' photos but this idea....I like!

Here are some other cool kitchen ideas found on Pinterest:

Recycle shoot! Definetly awesome!

Toe-kick drawers, rad!

Remove a drawer and hang a dowel.

Trash can underneath the cutting board drawer, genius!

Go check out more kitchen organizational ideas at Southern Living.



No, better word..... prioritized.

I haven't given as much love to the blog recently. My apologizes. I would give the excuses of reading, studying, and cleaning but honestly, I've got plenty of time in my day. For some reason, it hasn't been my number one priority when I wake up. I write when I want. During summer break I tend to be less motivated and in return have spent less time reading blogs and writing. Don't be fooled, I love Home Awaits and my new found love. I will return with gusto soon. (Probably once I'm done reading in the pool with my sweet sweet swim cap.)

I'll leave you today with this photo. Water balloons anyone?!?! Bah! Good times!

Another huge thanks to you, my lovely reader! You rock!


Using Bedroom Sheets

I just returned from an amazing trip to Minneapolis in which I celebrated a good friend's wedding, stayed up way too late with friends and family, and stuffed my face with too many brownie bites! Couldn't resist putting this up...

Decorating is somewhat of a "cared about thing" in my family, mostly influenced by my mom. I was quite impressed when my aunt showed me her recent project. She couldn't find the right yellow and green fabric for her bedroom curtains. Her solution was to use twin top sheets. She backed them with another sheet. 

Bahm! I like this alternative idea. Take a look!

She used two decorative twin sheets from L.L.Bean and $10 Walmart sheets to line them.

File this one for later...can't find the right fabric, buy some sheets!

*4 twin sheets
*sewing machine or stitch witchery for no-sew 
*curtain rod and clips
(Make sure to pre-wash sheets for shrinkage.)

Thanks to my Aunt Shari for this alternative DIY idea!


Gotta Get:Ice Cube Tray

A Gotta Get
There are some objects that I am a total believer in. When it comes to the house, I can’t help but share. Check out today’s “Gotta Get”.

“Gotta Get” Stats:

Location: Williams-Sonoma

Price: $14.95 
(Are you shocked I paid that for ice cube trays? Well, it was a well received anniversary gift to The Mr.)

Size: Small-ish

Purpose: With the summer heat and hydration a must, these ice cubes do the job perfectly. They leave the true flavor while the coldness lasts longer than expected. I'm not a fan of water-down drinks! These babies are the cutest.

For those of you not buying it for your hard-to-buy-for hubby, here's a $7 tray from Amazon. I'm telling ya, it WILL change your drinking experience. Get it before the summer is over!


Pillows for the Bedroom

I finally added a tad bit more to our master bedroom (ha, only bedroom!). Remember, I'm in the process of making it lovely? If you've missed out, you can check on it herehere, and here

I have been eyeing this fabric at Jo-ann's for quite some time. You know I won't pay $30 per yard. (Maybe someday when I make lots of money. Oh wait.... I'm a teacher.) The waiting and quest of finding the ideal pattern paid off. I scored big time.  Finally, the upholstery was 60% off! Hellllo! I love a good sale! I bought a yard of the paisley print and sewed two small pillowcases for my Crate and Barrel pillow inserts that I already owned. Total price for the two pillows, 12 dollars. With a coupon, gift card, and a little cash I bought the ruffle pillow at Pier One that I've been eyeing ever since I worked there. Perfect combination! And boy, do I love it!

I hope you're not intimidated by sewing. If you don't have a sewing machine...

1. I think you should get one. 
2. They're not that scary to use, promise!

Here's how I sewed my pillowcases. The professionals would roll their eyes...

I used my old pillowcase for measurement. 

I first cut two equal squares. 
Then I sewed 3 sides together, outsides facing in with a half inch seam.

Next, I turned the fabric inside out and put the pillow insert in the case. 
After that I pinned and sewed it shut. 
(Shhh! I know it's ugly but no one will see this seam, it's on the bottom.)

Yes, I should have put a zipper on it or hand stitched it but seriously, who has the time for that! 
(Don't be fooled it's on my to-do list of learning.) 

Surprisingly, I love making my bed each morning now. Weird, right? My favorite colors lighten up the room. This picture makes it seem more goldeny than in actuality. You'll just have to stop over to see what it looks like in person! Here's to falling in love with my sleeping quarters!

Here's another pillow making idea that may be useful. The cool thing about it? You don't have to use a sewing machine!

Question of the Day: How did I learn to sew pillows? 

Answer: By making little bean bags and Barbie pillows. Cute, huh?


For the Love of Trays

I love trays! They are perfect for practicality and style. One of my besties (Lindsey) texted me a picture of a cool wire tray she came across and wanted some ideas for it. My tray obsession became obvious to her. My texting fingers were quite tired.

Trays are the perfect thing to add interest to a room. They help to anchor items in a room. If you read my post about Finding Your Decorating Style, you know that copying is key. Use what you have and play around with it. So  fun!

Using trays on a desk, pretty but functional.

Perfect for you bedroom dresser. 
Can hold perfumes, jewelry, and hubby's watch and wallet.

Trays in the bathroom. Warning: sinks/toilets can be dangerous.
Accidents can happen!

One item, different forms on the tray. Focal point behind.

Love for the coffee table or ottoman. Simple and relaxed.

Getting a little crazy...stand it up!

Stack more the one against a wall. Use different texture, color, and size of trays. 
Add a bouquet and a candle in front of it.

My most favorite place to use a tray: by the kitchen stove. 
Couldn't be more practical!

Found this oldie from our last place. Can you see the tray? 
Two large plates behind, french press, plant, and our favorite, Splenda on the tray.

(So there's probably a few more ways to display trays but I'm running out of juice. Moving on!)

DIY tray ideas:
cookie sheet tray here

picture frame + art tray idea

fabric + glass for tray idea

mod podge + scrap booking paper tray idea

stencil + paint idea via Lena at NattyNook

Plain and Simple. I love trays! Hope you do too!


Guest Blogging:Finding Your Decorating Style

I'm back from a great trip to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin where we caught up with great friends for the 4th. Since I was gone, I wasn't able to share with you about a little guest blogging I did over at Life of the Liles. Check out my post on finding your decorating style.

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth! Here are a few photos from our lovely weekend...

 Wisconsin fun!

 Miss Railey enjoying the lake.

 Luke & Linnea

 Babies, babies, babies. We're behind!

 Sweet, sweet boating.

Group photo before The Dells and Ho-Chunk.

 The boys, best friends.

Don't forget...go check out my post at Life of the Liles! I think it might be helpful.