Weddings, Weddings, and More Weddings

It's officially the season for weddings. The Mr. and I have six out of town weddings this summer. Yikes! Although it will be a lot of driving, we look forward to celebrating with friends. Our first one kicks off the season this weekend in Minneapolis. (I have a deep love for the Twin Cities mostly in part to family and friends who live there.)

Six weddings also means six gifts. Whoa! Ok, gotta get creative! I like to shop from registries but this wedding season I'm looking to put a little personal touch on the gifts. I think it's smart that my mom gives out "The Joy of Cooking" as wedding gifts. Classic and a must have. I'm trying to decide what could be "my" gift that has a little touch of me. I'm considering these options...

A simple, easy to read book about home decor:

I love giving magazine subscriptions! Maybe a year subscription of Real Simple. Does thenest still have magazines? I came up empty handed.
A fun apron with a monogram:
A usable storage tote:

Ok, I need your vote. If you were getting married this summer which would you prefer?

Also, be honest. Stick to the registry or get creative? I'm torn.


Weekend Ahead

Due to The. Mr.'s man-only road trip this weekend, I've decided to head home and spend some time with my family. My mom and I plan on doing some antiquing! Here's what I'm on the look out for...
small vintage fan:

cool nightstands for our bedroom:
Natty By Design, one of my favorite blogs.

lamp base for a diy project:

And of course, I'm always on the look out for beautiful dishes and place settings:

May it be at the racetrack, wake surfing, or possibly garderning...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends! 


Made My Night

Besides eating dinner by myself at 3:45 (The Mr. is on a men-only roadtrip), watching the storm roll in, and catching up on The Bachelorette last night, I spent the night reading away. Here's the uneventful(ness) that made my night:
  • Two helpful video segments by Sarah Richardson, host of Sarah 101. Simply amazing! (Wish we had cable.) See her segments on choosing color for rooms and painting with color. Very well done!
  • This blogger's love story is simply amazing and well written.
  • Pondered this idea if I can't find nightstands for the bedroom soon...

  • Meditated this...
  • Read a little of this...

It's a good thing I'm married, otherwise I would be wasting away too many nights!


Shopping Faves

I am known to do some looking before I buy something. Usually I'm wasting my day away trying to find something cheaper. Some days I roll my eyes at myself. Rediculous. Other days I feel quite proud of my quest for those inexpensive items I've driven all around town for. I'm sharing my secrets with you today. (Remember this is on a small budget.) Hope it helps you save a buck or two.

  • Craigslist/garage sales/thrift stores/auctions (someday we'll get to buy other furniture)
  • Overstock.com has great prices
  • Big Lots (call me crazy but I was just there and was totally impressed)
  • Ikea (may need to buy hemming tape to hem them yourself)
  • Target (reasonable price for temporary living, I probably wouldn't buy them for the home that awaits us)
  • Burlington Coat Factory (you just might get lucky, big supply but need to weed out the uglies)
  • Pier One (check the sale curtains often)
  • Pottery Barn (don't rule them out as being out-of-budget)
  • World Market 
  • JC Penny (good price points)
Duvet Covers:
  • HomeGoods
  • West Elm (must want sale)
  • overstock.com
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Michaels
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Target (great trendy selection)
Picture Frames:
  • Ikea (fo sho')
  • Michaels (with coupon)
Table Lamps:
  • JC Penny
  • HomeGoods (can't beat $29.99)
  • Target
Floor Lamps:
  • Ikea
  • I don't have too much experience in this yet...
Decorative Pillows:
  • Crate and Barrel (love my babies)
  • West Elm (texture=awesomeness)
  • Meijer
  • Pier One
  • Make your own covers with cloth napkins or Joann fabric remnants
  • Target (sometimes they are in the dollar section)
  • HomeGoods (of course)

  • Target
  • HomeGoods

  • Pier One
  • Target- great collection
Small hooks:
  • World Market
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Anthropologie
You may need to tuck this in a file for later use. :) Good luck!


Someday We'll Get a TV...and a Credenza

We haven't had a tv in almost a year. (Yes, we know we're totally Un-American.)  Well, I should say we have a tv but we only see ants running across the screen. People think we're crazy. We do too. We have decided to not pay millions to the cable company because it isn't  worth it to us right now. We would rather be outside, reading, playing guitar, googling, and blogging. I never was a "tv kid". Cartoons, no thanks. We think it's only a temporary thing. I sure do miss hearing the news and what's going on in our world.

We ARE thankful for our community library for their willingness to lend us tv episodes. We have been hooked on Dexter, Breaking Bad (uhhh), and Mad Men. They're not for the straight laced type of person but the plots bring us back. We also appreciate the Netflix account The Mr. won at a work event. Cha-ching. Instant access to documentaries, our fave. Enough of the blabbing about tv. I'm on the lookout (when I say look out, I mean very slow look out) for a perfect tv console. I'm thinking a credenza! (Yup, for some reason I'm hooked on mid-centry modern right now. Probably thanks to Mad Men.) Here's what I'm thinking...

I'm off to look at more credenza photos, come join me!


Pinterest, A Must Do

The author's purpose (mine) is to inform and persuade you to do this. Sorry for the teacher lingo, I only get four more days of it!

At our recent wine and cheese party, somehow the online tool, Pinterest, got brought up even before we could get the wine bottles open (have I told you I have cool friends!). With a quick 2 minute tutorial I persuaded them to get an account. Since you are reading my blog I consider you a friend and someone to persuade....

Top 5 reasons to be on Pinterest:
5- Create a collection of things you love
4- Organize your thoughts/ideas with pictures
3- Follow your friends styles
2- You'll never be bored again
1- So I can follow you!

Pinterest has pictures aka eye candy on diverse topics:

Find your Style

All things kids

Must Try Food

Travel Adventures

Wedding/Event Eye Candy

Home Delights plus lots more...

If those pictures didn't convince you, I don't know what else to say.

How to be apart of it...
  • Request an invite.
  • Wait for your invite via email.
  • Find inspiration pictures on your own or on the site and follow others.
Hands down. You gotta check it outYou can check out my collections here.

Welcome to Pinterest, friend!


Needing Advice

I have to admit I was quite stoked to get an email from a friend who wanted a little guidance in her future living room. I am no interior design guru but I do spend a lot of time reading, searching, and learning about design. Thanks to my mom, I've got a little bit in me.

My friend, Gina recently asked me for some help with her living room. She wanted to know what colors would be best to match her free sofa. Nothing beats a free sofa! The color of her couch somewhat resembles the picture below.

What I knew best was to find inspiration pictures with her couch color. I had a blast doing it! I love inspiration even if it's not for myself. Check these out. It will be fun to see her finished room!

See the color trends?
Burgundy, mustard, navy, white, dark gray. 

Hmm...we'll have to wait to see what she uses!

Email me at homeawaitsus@gmail.com if you want me do some digging around for you or need any help.

P.S. It may make my day slash week!


Fabric Love= Amy Butler

My mom loves fabric! She does! And because of this she has taught me about it. Well not really taught me but showed me. Her favorites include Ana Marie Horner and Amy Butler. I've kinda grabbed on to Amy Butler. Her bright fun graphics are "wow" worthy. You might think they are too crazy but let them grow on you. Take a look at some lovely items.

These photos scream lake cottage, having babies, and complete awesomeness to me!

If you think you're ready for summer check out her lifestyle photos. You will oow and ahh over them. Promise! Ready for a tour of her house, see it here.

Wondering where to buy her fabric? Here's where I have in the past, love this online store! Where can you buy her sewing patterns and other items? See hereDon't want to fuss with sewing? Type Amy Butler into Etsy. Options are endless! Go have some fun.

Here are some pictures of how my mom brought a little Amy Butler into her spaces.

This is my old bedroom at my parents. Amy Butler window panels and pillows.

And a big lumbar pillow curtesy of A.B. fabric.

 I love this gum drop foot stool my mom made!

 Intended to be my bridesmaids gifts but weren't as quick and easy as expected.

Love this bag, I may steal it next time I'm home.

I did use Amy Butler fabric for coozies I gave as a welcome gift to guests at our wedding.

Just recently checked out Always in Stitches in Noblesville, IN. They have her stuff. I nearly flipped.

Oh Amy Butler, she knows what she's doing!

Mmm maybe a fabric designer series in the works...


Spoiled by Dad

I know Father's Day is not for a little while but this time of year is big for my dad. He teaches junior high and high school students how to turn wood into beautiful pieces. My dad is skilled at what he does! He built their house and many things in it. He's the king of custom kitchens! 

A lot of my good and bad comes from my dad. I love him! I'm completely spoiled when it comes to furniture in our space. If I see something I like in a store or magazine I usually ask him if he has time to make it. Usually, he says yes with a little time. The Mr. and I enjoy his awesome handywork! We are thankful that we will have some special pieces through the years. Last Friday he had his big woodworking show at his high school. Let me just warn you that this furniture is made by 18 years olds. Crazy, he always impresses me. Go dad!

 The little boys (nephew Aidan and his cousin) were helping my dad pass out awards.

Proud supporters," Mimi" and Aidan.

Here are my beauties made by him alone...

Lots of love to my skilled dad! Thanks for spoiling us!